Nail Salon

Keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful with our range of nail services. Whether you would like to enhance the natural beauty of your own nails, have nail repairs done or you want acrylics to give you length and shape instantly, we can make it happen.

Our expert nail team is trained in all types of nail services, for both hands and feet. We can work with nails of all lengths and conditions to ensure they are strong and beautiful.

We offer the following services at Caloundra and Birtinya:

Manicures – Get shape and colour for your natural nails, along with a hand treatment to ensure your hands are softer and brighter.

Acrylic nails – We can apply acrylic nails in any length you want. They can then be shaped, coloured or detailed with French tips for a more natural look.

Pedicures – We will shape and colour your nails as well as moisturise and massage your feet for a relaxing session that results in healthier feet and toe nails.
Hot stone massages (feet only) – The hot stone massage delivers soothing heat to your tired feet for a rejuvenating experience.

Shellac nails – Get stronger nails and longer lasting results with our shellac nail finishes.

Gel nails – Gel nails are durable, easy to apply and a great way to protect your nails from breaks.

Dipping systems (SNS) – Easier and faster to apply than traditional nail coating, dipping systems provide a tough coating that helps prevent nail chipping.

Nail removal – We can remove harsh, jagged and discoloured portions of the nail for a healthier appearance.

Nail repair – If your nails are torn and uneven, we can provide a full repair to return them to a state of health

Nail art – Our specialists in nail art can apply intricate images, designs and patterns.

If you’re ready for nails you’ll be proud of, get in touch with our team at Gorgeous Brows Eyebrow Threading on the Sunshine Coast today to make an appointment.