Achieving beautifully shaped eyebrows is easier than you think. We offer eyebrow threading services to remove stray hairs and sculpt your brows into the perfect arch. Many of our customers report that our eyebrow threading procedures cause less pain and discomfort while achieving a more precise shape than with other hair removal and shaping methods.

That’s because threading removes the hair without having any negative effects on the skin below. It’s a more gentle method. This makes it more suitable for those who have sensitive skin, or for anyone who is currently using specific skin creams or medications such as acne medications. These can make the facial skin more prone to damage and injury.

We perform our threading procedures using an organic cotton string. These procedures usually takes less time than plucking and waxing and can be done in as little as 15 minutes. With this method even very fine and shorter hairs can be successfully and accurately removed so you’ll have fewer stray hairs effecting your end results. You can combine this with eyebrow tinting to darken or highlight the colours of your brows for a fuller appearance.
If you have thinning brows and also want to achieve a perfect shape, we provide eyebrow tattooing services. This process involves adding tattoo colour using hair-like strokes on your existing brows to fill in sparse areas with colour to match your existing colouration. This will give a fuller and healthier appearance that lasts for years with only occasional touch-ups required to re-darken the colour.

Our team is fully trained in these procedures to ensure beautiful results you can be proud to show off. Even better, you’ll get results that last longer than conventional makeup techniques, so you won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to get the results you want to achieve.