Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing

If you have thin, sparse brows and are tired of using pencils or stains to make them look fuller day after day, eyebrow tattoos might be a good option for you. Our expert team provides beautiful and accurate tattooing services to give you a realistically full look that will last for months, even years with the right maintenance and touch ups.

You can have new brows in just one session. Feel confident knowing you have perfectly shaped, full eyebrows every day, without having to go through the intricate process of applying them by hand.
Eyebrow tattooing is performed much like traditional tattooing, using short, hair-like motions. We can achieve shades that are close in colour to your natural brows or we can tint them to coordinate with the tattoo colours. This gives your brows a uniform look that appears perfectly natural. The only one who will have to know it’s a tattoo is you.

Most cosmetic tattoos last for years and with proper maintenance and touch ups, indefinitely. In most cases, having eyebrow tattooing is only mildly uncomfortable, the tattoos heal quickly revealing beautiful, natural looking brows. During the procedure we will instruct you on how to care for your new brows for faster healing and reduced redness.

Benefits of eyebrow tattooing

There are many reasons clients choose eyebrow tattoos over other methods to achieve the results they want, the main one is that it’s so convenient. You won’t have to constantly reapply the colour to keep them looking the way you want. There’s just a single procedure and then you’re done, aside from occasional touch ups at our salon. You can typically wait years between these touch up visits, saving you time and money.

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